Itihaas' menus – cloned!


They say to copy something, is to give the biggest compliment to the owner of the product!

Well, we’ve just discovered that Itihaas’s star quality cuisine is greatly appreciated by not just our own dining clientele, but others too. That’s to say, our range of delectable dishes and carefully chosen menu has been acknowledged across the Scottish region by other Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants and takeaways! So yes, the compliment is welcomed!

However, we must also point out that we take great pride in making such a huge effort in providing you all with such delicious food and excellent service. We believe we provide the right ambience and take great care in delivering a unique and mouthwatering taste. One that can’t be matched and may take some while for others to follow. As proven by our recent glowing reviews on Tripadvisor. Beat that!

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