Recommended Meal – March

Our March Meal of the Month is something a bit special with two different and special breads as well as one of the classic Chicken curries that we reckon is hard to beat. Not only is it a great meal to eat here in our restaurant, but it will travel well too if you can’t get out and want a takeaway to enjoy in peace!

Starter – Chicken Puri

Beautiful puffed bread served with a flavoursome spiced sauce containing beautiful pieces of chicken. Not only is this is a starter that doesn’t require cutlery, there is every chance you’ll end up licking the plate too – it’s that good.

Main – Chicken Tikka Balti

Beloved of Birmingham – the Balti is a great curry cooked in a bucket (not really – but in a flat bottomed balti dish)! Our chef’s special version contains lovely garlic, onions and fresh herbs in a medium spiced sauce and whichever meat you are after. Our recommendation for March is the Chicken Tikka variety with the classic taste of marinated barbecued chicken.

Side – Bombay Aloo

The first recommendation here is the spiced potato dish Bombay Aloo – similar to the classic Sag Aloo – but without the spinach.

Bread – Keema Naan

Accompany this with the meatiness of a great Keema naan.

Rice – Pilau Rice

And with the great range of tastes in pilau rice.

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