Recommended Meal – July

For this months recommendation, the dishes are mostly traditional but we begin with a dish not commonly found in Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants.

Starter – Garlic Mushrooms

Start off your meal with a light mild-flavoured dish – chopped mushrooms, fresh garlic, coriander and herbs in a mild but tasty sauce.

Main – Sag Gosht

Turning up the heat now, our main course is a popular dish in South Asia with succulent pieces of lamb with fresh spinach leaves. This dish is also available with chicken if you prefer poultry.

Side – Bombay Alo

Potatoes infused with delicate spices makes a perfect side dish to compliment the spinach main course.

Bread – Tandoori Roti

A tandoori roti (like a chapati but cooked in a tandoor – a clay oven) is the perfect bread to eat with your main course of lamb and spinach.

Rice – Pilau Rice

With this meal we think bread is enough, but if you’re a rice fan then the popular Pilau Rice will suit this months Recommended Meal.

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