Recommended Meal – April


Our April Recommended Meal of the Month is truly a healthy treat. The menu’s main features are a combination of tender spring chicken with good old reliable British vegetables. But what makes all the difference is the Itihaas way of concocting and serving you a top grade feast.

Starter – Tandoori Chicken

Begin your meal with the ever popular Tandoori Chicken, an all around favourite in Indian cuisine. Our restaurant chef is a dab hand at handling a delectable quarter spring chicken. Marinated in wholesome
yoghurt with Itihaas’s own fusion of herbs and spices, the chicken pieces are skewered and roasted in our clay oven, to mouthwatering perfection.

Main – Shahi Chasni

Moving onto your Main, and still being health conscious, a splendid Shahi Chasni is next. Sublime chicken kebabs are cooked in a delicate sweet and sour sauce with a garnish of fresh herbs and spices.

Side – Alo Mater

The Side dish of Alo Mater, peas with potatoes, are cooked in a tasty thick sauce. Being uncomplicated, this trustworthy side is the perfect balance to the overall menu.

Bread – Peshwari Nan

Dig in to some spectacular Peshwari Nan bread. Full of goodness, the specially made leavened bread is filled with ground almonds and sultanas.

Rice – Pilau Rice

The very best of Saffron Basmati rice is transformed into Itihaas’ delicious Pilau Rice, and serves very nicely with the main dish of Shahi Chasni.

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