All hail the ItihaasMobile!


If you catch a glimpse of brilliant white and are then left with a waft of smouldering deliciousness … yes, it is our very own Itihaas delivery car!

Strutting and speeding (safely, of course) on the streets of Dalkeith,we are on a mission to satisfy the appetite of many a hungry customer. You can be delivered the finest of Indian cuisine to your own doorstep by ordering your favourite food from Itihaas’s delivery service.

All our Indian Takeaway food is made up to the same highest standard as all meals served within the Itihaas Restaurant. You will experience the same variety of delicious tastes, as if you were sitting within your preferred restaurant itself.

Call us on 0131 663 9800 to order your takeaway and make the most Itihaas’s star quality delivery service. We will not disappoint.

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