Employee of the Month – May

Congratulations to Karki for his consistent service to our diners and tremendous efforts in making them feel comfortable at Itihaas. Karki is yet another valued member of the Itihaas team who is also recognised for his honest and great recommendations to diners when helping them to choose from our great selection of Indian dishes.  

Employee of the Month – April

Yes, we have discovered another important member of our valued team of staff at Itihaas. A very considerate and compassionate Prajit, wins April’s Employee of the Month Award. Prajit very kindly assisted a couple of guests who were both visually impaired, as they arrived at the restaurant. Prajit wasted no time in sensing that they […]

Employee of the Month – March

You’ll be pleased to know, that we don’t just excel in looking after our diners but also our own staff! Itihaas’s very own Matin Khan takes a particular interest in noting best service provided by his own troops! And to thank them in making Itihaas a successful Indian restaurant, this special individual will receive the […]