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Asian Restaurant Awards 2019

  • Restaurant of the Year – Midlothian

Scottish Curry Awards 2017

  • Restaurant of the Year

Tiffin Cup 2015

  • Highly Commended – The Festival of Curry at The House of Commons, The Palace of Westminister, London

Midlothian Food & Drink Awards 2015

  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Place for Dinner
  • Best Place for a Takeaway (Runner Up)

TripAdvisor 2015

  • Certificate of Excellence Award 2015
  • Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame (won the Certificate of Excellence for five years in a row)

Asian Food Awards Scotland 2014

  • Restaurant of the Year, Edinburgh and Lothians Region

Midlothian Food & Drink Awards 2014

  • Best Customer Service

TripAdvisor 2014

  • Certificate of Excellence Award 2014

Scottish Curry Awards 2014

  • Chef of the Year, Matin Khan

Midlothian & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2013

  • Best Family Business (Runner Up)

TripAdvisor 2013

  • Certificate of Excellence Award 2013

Midlothian Food & Drink Awards 2013

  • Best Place for Dinner
  • Best Customer Service

Midlothian Food & Drink Awards 2012

  • Best Customer Service

British Curry Awards 2012

  • Best in Scotland (Finalist)

Asian Curry Awards 2012

  • Best South Asian Restaurant Scotland

TripAdvisor 2012

  • Certificate of Excellence Award 2012

Bangladesh Caterers Association 2011

  • Chef of the Year Award, Matin Khan – For Scotland & Northern Ireland Region

Midlothian & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2011

  • Local Business Hero, Matin Khan

Scottish Tourist Board – EatScotland

  • EatScotland Award for Quality Food and Service

TripAdvisor 2011

  • Certificate of Excellence Award 2011

Scotland Restaurant Awards 2011

  • Best Indian Restaurant (Finalist)

Spice Times Restaurant Awards 2010

  • Best Scotland Restaurant

Bangladesh Caterers Association 2010

  • Caterer of the Year Award

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Proud to serve our community

Established in 1997