Itihaas is a word derived from Hindi referring to history.

Today, Bangladesh (formerly East Bengal until the partition of India and East Pakistan, until it’s independence), together with the Indian state of West Bengal, produces most of the world’s fibre.

Having given you an introduction to Itihaas we would now like to welcome you to our restaurant of the same name where we have endeavoured to create an atmosphere in which dining is a pleasurable & rewarding experience. Our cuisine comprises a choice of Indian and Bangladeshi dishes with the delicacy of our herbs and spices complementing the intricacies of our wines.

Feel free, at all times, to select your choice of meals from the menu in a relaxed and leisurely fashion & also your choice of wine from our expertly crafted wine list.

Once you have made your choices it is then up to the staff of Itihaas to repay the compliment. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of Itihaas.

However, always remember that our standards are extremely high and this is not a fast food service. Great care and attention is required in preparing your food to meet with your satisfaction and enjoyment.

Since 2007

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